Global Demand For Organics Spurs New Investment Opportunities; Legacy Ventures International Inc (OTCBB:LGYV), Whole Foods Market, Inc. (NASDAQ:WFM), The Fresh Market Inc (NASDAQ:TFM)

According to Orgprints, the global organic food and beverage market will surpass $211 billion by 2020, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 15.7% from 2014 to 2020. This growth is brought by the noting that organic food are now being associated with dietary nutrition. Over the next few years, it would not be a surprise to see demand rise tremendously as education on health and fitness increase.  Also, support for organic farming will also lead to increases in the market by shifting supply in addition to demand.

Because of the fact that there is a rising demand that needs to be met, companies are hard at work to ensure that this market does not go into a shortage. Legacy Ventures International Inc (OTCBB:LGYV) is a management company based out of Nevada. The company recently acquired RM Fresh Brands of Toronto, Canada. The goal of the acquisition is to create innovative products that will sell throughout North America. Because of this new acquisition, new consumables and brands have been set forth, one of which is Boxed Water. Boxed Water provides new packaging to water bottles; the boxes are completely recyclable and leave significantly less carbon footprints.
As for the distributors, Legacy Ventures International Inc (OTCBB:LGYV) announced on December 14th that its subsidiary RM Fresh Brands Inc. has made a distribution agreement with Sysco in Toronto, a leader in the food services industry. Here is what Ron Patel, President of RM Fresh Brands, had to say: “We look forward to building a strong relationship with Sysco Toronto, to expand the distribution of Boxed Water, as well as our other portfolio of products.” Over the last three months, LGYV has seen lows of $0.2643 and has grown as much as 713% to highs of $2.15.

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