Global Equity (OTCBB:GEQU) Jumps 84% On Hefty Volume On Wednesday

Shares of GLOBAL EQUITY(OTCBB:GEQU) have been the hottest penny stock on Wednesday as we have seen a solid pump up in the price of the stock driven by huge volume. This afternoon, shares of GEQU have gained 84% to $0..0055 with more than 20 million shares have traded hands. However, there seems to be no news for such a hefty rally.

The company had issued the last official Press release on March 16, 2015 stating that Global Equity has signed an agreement with a UK-based company called Unii Limited, to assist with Pre-IPO funding up to, but not limited to, $48 million and ultimately assisting with an IPO in Dubai in 2016.

In February 2014, on a flight heading to Hong Kong, Marco Nardone, Founder and CEO of Unii Limited, was contemplating the modern messaging landscape when he hit on an idea that could turn the messaging and social space upside down. Traditionally, private messaging apps rely on the user having an established network of friends or contacts, but what if you could message people you did not yet know from around the world and strike up a new kind of friendship and relationship based on common interests — or just simply for fun?

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