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$GOOGL Releases Beta API to Interpret Natural Language

Today, Google has announced a public beta launch for its new service, Cloud Natural Language API, giving developers the access and ability to use sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and syntax analysis all through the use of Google. This new API joins alongside Google’s other pre-trained machine-learning API’s like the Translate API, the Vision API, and the Cloud Speech API, which is now available to the public in beta. The new Cloud Natural Language API currently supports texts in English, Spanish, and Japanese. Google’s initiative was to come with up an idea that could provide a service “that can meet the scale and performance needs of developers and enterprises in a broad range of industries.”

Offering an API for sentiment analysis and entity recognition is not a new service. Services like Thomson Reuters Open Calais have offered support for similar entity recognition, translated as the ability to automatically identify and label people, organizations, locations, and events mentioned in the text for approximately ten years now. Sentiment analysis, as well, is not exactly a new concept that is being introduced. Syntax analysis API’s that can identify parts of speech and create dependency parse trees aren’t as widely available just yet. It will be interesting to see how developers will use these services in their apps, but it is easy to see how this could be used to power chat bots and help them understand incoming requests.

Pricing for using these Natural Language API’s depend on which one of the three different services you will be utilizing, and how much you are planning to analyze. For the Cloud Speech API, holding the ability to recognize over 80 languages, pricing is based consistently on how many minutes of recording you are planning to analyze: with the first 60 minutes per month available for free, and then after, $0.006 per every fifteen seconds.

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