Graybar Canada Renews Thinspace Technology Inc (OTCMKTS:THNS) Desktop Virtualization Solution

Graybar Canada have renewed Thinspace Technology Inc (OTCMKTS:THNS) desktop virtualization solution for the third time. it is a key achievement for the company as Graybar Canada is one of the largest and oldest North American Electrical distributors. Thinspace offers scalable, affordable and reliable application delivery, cloud client and virtualization technology to private and public organizations and companies of all sizes.

The entity

Graybar Canada that uses the Thinspace’s product is a subsidiary of Graybar Electric Company Inc. it is a wholesale distributor of numerous products from leading makers of electrical, communication, data and automation products. It is headquartered in Halifax and its operations in more than 30 regions across the country. The distributor company is committed to quality through its distribution, supply, products, customer service and performance.

The need

Graybar has several hundred mobile and fixed employees in the organization. The company required a secure and efficient system to access corporate applications. Therefore, it selected Thinspace Technology Inc (OTCMKTS:THNS) as their solution to fulfill their requirements. The first deal was finalized in March 2012 and now has renewed the service for the third time.

The efficient system

Corey Richardson, the Systems Administrator of Graybar Canada said that as a leading distribution company of communication & data and electrical products in Canada, they wanted an application delivery system that would offer employees access to several application. Also, the focus was on secure remote access. The need was for a product that is secure, easy to manage and convenient to use. They tested products from a peer and then concluded Thinspace as the best fit for users within company’s environment.

The management view

Gary Walker, Sales Director for Thinspace North America, said that Graybar can be termed as technologically advanced firm and their renewal of desktop virtualization system supports the value of company’s superior technology and commitment to customers. The company is delighted to work with customers that embrace and leverage technology to advance forward.

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