Green Technology Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:GTSO) Update On New industry Association

Green Technology Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:GTSO) opened up discussions to create a new industry association to offer regulation, certification and overall credibility to the rapidly growing industry of cannabis edibles in North America. The company intends to materialize it with Elevated Industries. It is a Canada based firm that possesses novel formulations for frozen confections having cannabis extracts.

The details

Green Technology entered into a joint venture with Elevated Industries in 2014 to develop and market novel edibles products for the growing adult-use and medical cannabis markets expanding across the continent. Wallace W. Browne, the CEO stated that the company prime objective is to create an edibles industry association in Canada. The reason to select Canada is association with Elevated Industries which has got several promising contacts in the cannabis sector. Thereafter, it intends to open it into the United States.

The concerns

Browne said that as more and more legal medical marketplaces are emerging, concerns related to quality of edibles are growing. There is poor consistency in the regulation, distribution and potency. Moreover, there are numerous people who still don’t have faith in cannabis infused edibles. It is the reason Green Technology is working to bring together the various participants on the same platform. These are the entities that are making healthy, responsible and ethical edibles as per the industry formulated governance, responsibilities and rules. The formation of industry association will create awareness, credibility and trust in the industry.

The scope

There has been a significant change in the way government perceives cannabis infused industry now. There are several legislations that approved the use of cannabis and there are many other states that will soon follow them. Green Technology Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:GTSO) is evaluating all avenues to assess potential profits. The main objective of the company is not only to capitalize on the growing cannabis ancillary industry but also to create a well regulated environment.

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