GROGENESIS INC (OTCBB:GROG) Positions AgraBlast As Plant Health Product Innovation

GROGENESIS INC (OTCBB:GROG) developers, manufacturers and rights holders of unique plant health enhancement goods, announced the brand launch of AgraBlast. It is a unique and effective fungicide designed that had to be used along with AgraBurst™ to provide a non-toxic, eco-friendly application for plant health on extensive industrial scale.

The details of the product

GroGenesis’s product AgraBlast is a liquid form of broad-spectrum algaecide, fungicide and bactericide, product for use in agricultural applications. It provides efficient results when it comes in contact with the surface. The application leaves no residue after use. It has been particularly manufactured for the control and prevention of several horticultural diseases and pathogens. The product provides fast control of infection and offers surface sanitation of hardware. It can be used on a number of hardware including tools and storage buildings.

The key features

AgraBlast of GroGenesis is an eco-friendly product that breaks down into natural elements. It leaves no residue, odor or other fatal effects on plants or commodities. However, it needs to be used in accordance with the given directions on the label and other application guidelines. Although it should be used alone and cannot be mixed with other types of fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides, when used in combination with AgraBurst, can be much more effective. It can improve the integrity of crops and revitalize diseased parts on infected crops.

Tested product

Mr. Joseph Fewer of GroGenesis said that AgraBlast has been field experimented on several different cash crops. The company was invited to test product efficacy on coffee crops infected with CLR in Central Africa. It is one the growing problems in coffee crops globally. The plants were successfully tested with AgraBlast and AgraBurst. Both the products are biodegradable and relatively inexpensive. It serves as a better alternative over synthetic fungicides. The traditional products use copper-based products in the treatment and are quite expensive.

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