GROGENESIS INC (OTCBB:GROG) Suggests On AgraBurst Sugarcane Field Studies in Latin America

GROGENESIS INC (OTCBB:GROG) rights holders, developers and makers of plant health enhancement offerings, advised on highly successful field studies results for commercial sugarcane crop growth in Guatemala.

The details

In August 2014, a large part of commercial sugarcane plantation in Guatemala was given to GroGenesis to showcase the effectiveness of AgraBurst plant health enhancement offering. It had two-month old sugarcane of same variety and uniform size.

The process

The given region, of uniform topography, was further divided into two equal parts. Out of the two sections, once section was given standard protocols like irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides and many more as decided by the plantation operations team. This area which was traditionally managed was named as the control area. The second part was given the same treatment protocols, but with the additional treatment of AgraBurst.

The evaluation

GroGenesis said that the plants were given first treatment of AgraBurst in August 2014 and second treatment three month later in November 2014. The results are consistent with what was expected by the team, but were stated truly exceptional by the plantation operators. The land of the sample field was assessed in March, 2015 and compared to the traditionally treated control area; the AgraBurst treated part reported a rise of 24.96% in height. Plant stalk circumference showed an increase of 26.56% in girth.

The other details

GroGenesis said that apart from the increase in quality, the treated part showed a considerable rise of “tillering.” It is the method of underground branching that tells the number of stalks that comes from each plant. In simple words, more number of stalks converts into larger yields at harvest. The sugar purity amount taken as samples from the treated plants reflected an increase of 2.8% to 87.8% purity compared to 84.1% sugar purity in untreated plants.

In last trading session, GROGENESIS INC (OTCBB:GROG) stock price declined more than 1% to close at $0.850 with 108,791 shares traded.

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