GROGENESIS INC (OTCMKTS:GROG) Updates On Preliminary Field Trials

GROGENESIS INC (OTCMKTS:GROG) released first data from preliminary field studies in Southern Australia. The company visited a consultant in Australia in 2014. The meeting was done in order to arrange a preliminary trial to evaluate the impact of “AgraBurst” on regional high value crops. The company made subsequent arrangements needed for a 5 hectare portion of a 71.59 hectare wheat field. The particular part was set aside for GroGenesis to evaluate the effectiveness of its lead product.

The evaluation

GroGenesis reported that the regional weather conditions during the trial period were less than ideal and most of the field underperformed due to the existing poor weather conditions in entire season. The result was wheat crop was reduced to almost animal fodder.

The company said that the aerial yield mapping of the trial area and surrounding region was prepared before harvest and the results reflect a clear five hectare area that considerably outperformed other cultivated strips. The five hectare region was the trial area treated with AgraBurst. It was the only part of the entire area that dealt with the poor weather conditions and resulted in a normal outcome.

The impact

GroGenesis said that the AgraBurst treated plants resulted in a total produce of one to three tons per hectare more than the regions left untreated. The treated area yielded the highest produce of 9.98 tons per hectare from the treated area. Joe Fewer, the CEO said that the management is still acquiring additional details from the company’s consultant in Australia. However, one thing is evident that the initial results are extremely evident from the aerial yield mapping.

GROGENESIS INC (OTCMKTS:GROG) said that the key finding is that AgraBurst is an effective plant growth stimulant. It is also extremely effective at assisting crops continue to grow in even under marginal weather conditions. The company has been advised that the farm operators are very delighted and intend to increase the test area considerably for the upcoming growing season.

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