Hang w/ of MEDL Mobile Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:MEDL) Increases Streaming On Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)

Hang w/ is one of the many startups that MEDL Mobile Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:MEDL) has come up with over the last few years. The primary objective of Hang w/ is to provide live streaming of various events taking place in the different parts of the world. Earlier it helped Herbalife in creating a world record for organizing a health awareness event in more than 91 countries together. The company has now decided to head towards the largest social media website in the world. As per the reports, Hang w/ of MEDL has increased streaming on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB).

Insights On The Matter:

All the major companies try to advertise their services and interact with their audience with the help of Facebook, and Hang w/ is doing no different. Reports claim that it has been using social media, especially Facebook for last some time, and now the company has decided to strengthen its relation. It has added a number of new features on its social media page including a cutting edge inline video player. With the help of this video player, users can access the videos that are already uploaded by the company.

What’s The Advantage Of This Integration:

With the help of this integration, all the broadcasters of videos that are uploaded on Hang w/ will be able to interact with their audience. Apart from this they will also share videos on different social media platforms within no time. Hang w/ is one of the most sought after mobile application in the field of live streaming. The company will make available all the live videos on its social media page. Viewers will be able to watch these videos on the go. Once their live streaming is finished, a recorded clip of those videos will be uploaded online for all the audience.

Management of MEDL thinks that this integration will help the company enhancing its presence in the coming days.

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