Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp (OTCBB:HJOE) Announces 4th Annual Hangover Joe’s Day

Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp (OTCBB:HJOE) the manufacturer of “The Hangover” Recovery Shot confirmed the fourth yearly celebration of ’Hangover Joe’s Day’ on March 18, 2015. Matthew Veal, the CEO said that honoring those people who tipped a pint or two, the company invites them to join in a celebratory toast to rapid hangover recovery.

The company has just introduced new Hangover Recovery Bottles and is re-launching its key brand across the U.S. with the new labels. It is an exciting time for the company.

The celebrations

Mike Jaynes, the Chairman of Hangover Joe’s Board, said that those people who threw warning to the wind and tipped pint while experiencing joy of everything Irish can join millions of U.S. residents in a celebratory toast and that is the fourth yearly National Hangover Joe’s Day. It is one of the biggest days for Hangovers in the country.

St. Patrick’s Day is comes in the list of the largest days of alcohol consumption in the U.S. The product of the company offers consumers the benefit of waking up in the morning with hangover relief in their hands.

The significance

It is translating into more of a tradition for Hangover Joe’s that is a leader company in hangover recovery in the U.S. and soon in Asia. The company is in process of launching the products on a grand scale in Japan, Korea and China. The brand is growing both on domestic and international platform. The management was stocking with the new Hangover Relief Shots.

All the Walgreen outlets in the FQ have stock of Hangover Recovery for much-awaited St. Paddy’s Day. The product is there in many stores and also in Las Vegas as the company focus on creating the brand where millions of people come to indulge throughout the year. The objective is to expand in all key locations in the coming period.

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