Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp (OTCBB:HJOE) Expands Distribution Activities to Korea, Japan and China

Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp (OTCBB:HJOE) announced that it signed a distribution agreement with Cure Korea. As per the deal, Cure Korea will look after the sale activities of hangover recovery shots in China, Korea and Japan. Over the next five years, the company will be distributing to Cure Korea. It is the merchandising entity of Hangover Joe’s in Asia.

The management view

 Matthew Veal, the CEO for Hangover Joe’s said that the company is very excited about the new deals that will enable toe expand its operations in China, Korea and Japan. It is a significant accomplishment for the company. The management have given more than a year to achieve the specified guidelines for the KFDA to adjust to the company‘s formula so that it can be accepted in Asian market. The FDA of Korea is one of the most stringent regulatory bodies in the world, especially on dietary supplements. Therefore, to get an approval from Korea FDA was not an easy task.

The measures

Veal further said that Hangover Joe’s re-engineered the hangover recovery shot in order to fulfill the specified guidelines for Asia. Here, it is worthwhile to mention that the company have also brought forth some of the latest and best ingredients to the new recovery shot to transform it even more effective in reducing the symptoms linked with morning hangovers. The Co-Founder Shawn Adamson worked at the project night and day along with both the beverage scientists and with other counter parts in Asia. The objective was to develop the new formula and open up Asia market for Hangover Joe’s.

The leader

The latest measure reflects that Hangover Joe’s is the leader firm in the functional lifestyle segment in hangover recovery both in the United States and international platform. It is a significant accomplishment for the company as it launches its product into the new markets.

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