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Henry Schein, Inc. (NASDAQ:HSIC) Is The Sponsor Of This Year’s Senior Dental Leaders Program Organized At Harvard School Of Dental Medicine, According To Sources

Henry Schein, Inc. (NASDAQ:HSIC), one of the Best NASDAQ Stock, has taken to sponsor the 11th annual Senior Dental Leaders Program which happens to be a worldwide movement advocating for impacting of lives. It seeks to empower oral health leaders globally through taking them to higher levels in terms of developing their management skills and their leadership skills as well.

The Chairman of the Board, Stanley M. Bergman and Henry Schein, who happens to be the Chief Executive Officer were the very first ones to make their address.2007 is the exact year when the Senior Dental Leaders Program was set up and this happened at the King’s College London by Professor Raman Bedi whereas the organizational bit was carried out by the Global Child Dental Fund, King’s College London Dental Institute in unison with Harvard School of Dental Medicine which is hosting the event this year.

This year’s conference has brought together a lot of different bodies under a common course of action. Dental policy makers, representatives from non-governmental organizations, academic communities, national Chief Dental Officers, members of the clinical and other stakeholders are among the top parties in attendance.

Henry Schein took up the role of sponsoring the attending delegates representing Australia, the U.K China, South Africa, Brazil, Tanzania, the U.S., and Zambia. The conference carried out this week has had participants from diverse backgrounds exchanging ideas as well as research.

The best practices among the different parties were exchanged and that is important towards helping push for developments in the various organizations. Most of the Top NASDAQ Stocks have the culture of learning from each other’s best practice and that is how they have reached where they are currently in terms of business prowess.

It is high time that the every sector of the oral health network noticed the various health challenges showing up in the current times and as a matter of fact did something about it. It is only through concerted efforts that success can be achieved.

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