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How Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Is Pushing Users To Beef Up Security

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), a major NASDAQ Stock at SEC has introduced a version of its operating system meant to beef up the security of its users. The tech giant is urging its users to seriously think about their identity security when using its devices.

Apple is advising its subscribers to use the latest version of its mobile operating system iOS to enable to-factor identification- logging into Apple ID accounts and using security features that need both a token and a password to authenticate the user.

According to reports from users, the test version i.e. iOS 10.3 beta leads users to the setting part where they can access more information about the two-factor authentication and why they are advised to use the feature. Users can activate the security feature in the settings icon.

The two- factor authentication have become one of the most preferred method for boosting digital security. The feature’s main concept is for users to prove their identities with something they are familiar with i.e. password as well as something they have i.e. smartphone. Hence when a user tries to access an account, he/she will be required to key in the password.  The system will separately send a passcode which the user will be required to key in to access the account. For one to access the account he or she will have the password and physically have the account holder’s smartphone. Apple, in a notification to users, has elaborated the whole process as well as its benefits.

Apple offers several ways to receive the access code. In addition to being sent as a text message, the code will also appear on all other smartphones connected to an Apple ID account. Users will only be required to key in a code again if they completely sign out or delete their smartphones or want to change their passwords.

The company’s iOS 10.3 is in beta. It is, therefore, being tested by third-party Apple iOS users and developers on the company’s program.  It remains unclear if the new feature will make it to the final version.

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