How Are Investors Planning To Cash In On SaaS & Digital Applications Industry Growth?

According to IDC estimates, the overall enterprise applications market is slated for huge growth over the foreseeable future. SaaS revenue is forecast to grow at 17.6% CAGR with worldwide SaaS operations & manufacturing applications market reaching $5.8B by 2018 according to the report. With so much attention on the “digital age” investors are scrambling to find a way to capture early market share as this industry begins to hit its stride.

Over the last week, Cyber Apps World Inc (OTCMKTS:CYAP) has begun to find new life after a period of consolidation. With many OTC companies, the goal is to find a bottom and ride momentum on the way up. Since early June, the stock price has consolidated to a low of $0.15 and just recently considerably light volume has brought share prices to highs of $0.26 within a matter of days. The company itself has identified an opportunity within this space and is participating through an acquisition and licensing model to develop a worldwide ecommerce platform for mobile & computer applications.

Through its recent licensing agreement for the Instant Coupon App, the company has obtained a very accessible asset. Instant Coupons isn’t a simple discount app, the system actually uses a type of geo-targeting to alert subscribers to discounts & coupon around their location. Imagine checking out at a store, accessing your Instant Coupon App and immediately receiving the most recent savings to show your check-out person. Better yet, imagine shopping online from the comfort of your home and have the app take the work out of online couponing.

The Instant Coupon App platform will allow merchants wishing to offer coupons or discounts on products and services to simply upload their complete merchandise description on the Instant Coupon App website merchant portal. The listing is promptly reviewed for approval by Instant Coupon App then made available to consumers on a real time basis. This provides Merchant partners the flexibility to shift with ever-changing market conditions and respond in real-time.

With the market for software slated for growth and CYAP just beginning to find new momentum in the market following the recent marketing and licensing agreement of the Instant Coupon App, this may be one of the more important moments to look closer at a company like this. Imagine for a minute the foresite to jump on Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) when it was just in the beginning or Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) before it was a multi-media giant. These companies started out from humble beginnings and it was the investors who had the fortitude to take an early entry into the market that capitalized the most. For more information on CYAP, click here.

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