How Much Higher Can Marijuana Penny Stocks To Buy In 2015 Really Go?

Needless to say marijuana stocks have made a serious comeback since the start of the New Year. With the hit taken by cannabis companies in 2014 it has attracted investors to invest in oversold cannabis plays. Now it’s 2015 and with 23 states including the District of Columbia jumping on the marijuana legislation train, companies are finding new innovative ways to become apart of the cannabis space. For example, biotech/cannabis focused companies, Hemp infused beverages and extensive security & protection services have all found their niche in the industry.


OXIS Biotech (OTCMKTS:OXIS) a biotech/cannabis focused company has made major strides in 2015 in their fight to find a treatment for multiple myeloma and begin their process to FDA approval. CEO Anthony Cataldo held shareholders’ conference call March 31st, 2015 discussing the company’s outlook and plan for the remainder of 2015 and how he wants to have OXIS up-listed to the NASDAQ by years end. The company also discussed its immunotherapeutic development strategy. From the start of the New Year OXIS has seen more than a 200% increase from its lows of $0.02 to highs of $0.06. OXIS has been compared to front running biotech/cannabis company GW Pharma (NASDAQ: GWPH). The real test has yet to begun which is the process of getting FDA approval, but investors should feel a bit relieved after that Conference Call.


Next a company that is no stranger to any investor in the marijuana stock space, Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (OTCMKTS:THCZ) who in recent months have seen significant gains from their hemp infused beverage, Rocky Mountain High Brand. The company has surged after recent news stating that their Hemp Infused Beverage is now available for purchase on Over the course of the last month alone THCZ has seen amazing 650% gains from its lows of $0.04 to it’s high of $0.30. The stock is currently trading around the $0.26, which is still a staggering 550% price spike. Watch for THCZ to continue to make headway in 2015 with its Rocky Mountain High Brands, as investors ask themselves, “How much higher can this marijuana penny stock to buy in 2015 really go?


Now with federal law and state law still not able to come to common ground with legalizing medical marijuana, this has raised a higher awareness for security and protection for dispensaries. Since federal laws do not prohibit banks to properly deal with marijuana dispensaries due to gray areas in the system, all transactions are handled with cold hard cash, which indicates a higher percentage of theft and robbery. Protection and Security stocks like Blue Line Protective Group Inc. (OTCBB:BLPG) have positioned themselves strongly in the cannabis world. BLPG has focused their efforts on transportation, security and compliance services for cannabis retail businesses. BLPG has seen a 52.94 % price spike in the last 30 days. While being the in the spotlight as the top protection and security company, BLPG plans to implement a complete bookkeeping solutions for cannabis companies. Adding more firepower to their arsenal can only help the company expand their reach within the cannabis space.

Lastly there is IJJ Corp (OTCMKTS: IJJP) an innovative and driven consulting and management services company has just recently announced in a press release that it has signed Agra Medical Global Holdings Inc. as a new client to their IJJC partnership network program. This marijuana sub penny stock to watch in 2015 today April 1st has traded over 93% over its 30 day moving avg. volume. Sub penny stocks are extremely volatile and when healthy trading presents itself this leads to a potential price spike.

As marijuana stocks continue to rally back in 2015 one thing is certain for investors. Cannabis in the United States has no longer been pushed to the backburner. As more and more states gear up for the 2016 elections, investors capitalize on these bottomed out cannabis stock plays as we are all aware of the motto, “Buy Low Sell High”.

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