IJJ CORPORATION (OTCMKTS:IJJP) Updates On PTSD Residential Treatment Facility Project

IJJ CORPORATION (OTCMKTS:IJJP) entered into a partnership deal with reputed firm American Seed & Oil Company. It is a subsidiary firm of Algae International Group Inc (OTCMKTS:ALGA). The deal is to develop a residential treatment facility dedicated for U.S. Veterans who suffer from chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The treatment plan will include all residents to participate in an education plan informing on sustainable marijuana growing skills.

The plans

IJJ Corporation stated that the construction will be done on a 100-acre sustainable land focusing largely on hemp and marijuana cultivation where resident students and patient will have a chance to learn and hone organic farming skills. The company intends to establish deals with other sustainable and organic farming activities close to the treatment facility where patient will have the opportunity to take experience with plantation other than hemp and marijuana.

The treatment facility

The residential treatment facility for Veterans was a dream conceived by the American Seed & Oil, a subsidiary firm of Algae International. The subsidiary was established and majority owned and run by U.S. Veterans. The company approached IJJ based on its recent success that it achieved while expanding marijuana farming facilities in other regions including Canada.

The scope

Clifford Pope, the Chairman and President of IJJ CORPORATION (OTCMKTS:IJJP), said that he himself is a wartime veteran and therefore is very excited about the new program. He wants to see the program convert into reality. IJJ is the right firm to help American Seed & Oil fulfill its dream of PTSD Residential Treatment Facility. Steven Rash, the CEO of American Seed & Oil said that he is also a veteran. The company has been working on the project from last one year. The land was located and people carrying social work expertise were hired in the due course.

In last trading session, IJJ Corporation stock price plunged more than 5% to close at $0.00170 with 58.31 million shares traded.

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