Integral Technologies, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ITKG)’s Asian Partner Chang Rim Eng Inc Announces First ElectriPlast Order

ElectriPlast Corp. and its parent company Integral Technologies, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ITKG) have announced that one of their Asian molding partners named Chang Rim Eng has finished development and testing of motor casing. Reports claim that this initial development has been done for a well-known automotive client from Asia.

Insights On The Matter:

The management of Chang Rim is delighted to announce the completion of the initial phase of the development process. According to Won-Hyun Kwon, President, Chang Rim, the company has been in constant touch with the automotive client for some time. There were a few changed that client demanded, and Chang Rim introduced those changed in the final product late last year. In order to complete the validation process, the company had to perform constant tests multiple times.

He further states that his company has fulfilled all the requirements of the client; hence, he expects to receive a significant order very soon. If taken into consideration the overall growth chart of the company, one can find that the automotive sector is not the only focal point. As per the reports, it has been working on many other high-end technologies other than motor casing product for the last one year or so.

Chang Rim has been trying hard to develop manufacturing extrusion line in order to make sure that all of its products are developed in an efficient way. At this new line, the company will try to execute an extrusion process upon all the products that are under development now.

Reporters got in touch with Doug Bathauer, Chief Executive Officer, Integral Technologies, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ITKG) to know more about the ongoing efforts of the company. According to him, most of the clients of Integral look forward to implementing ElectriPlast with the help of injection molding. With the help of new extrusion line, even ElectriPlast can be extruded. As the time passes, Integral will look forward to developing its products and technologies.

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