Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Introduces Versatile New FPGA for Industrial and Automotive Markets

To better serve the ever increasing number of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has unveiled the Intel® Cyclone® 10 family of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). Made to offer fast and power-friendly processing, they have several uses, including industrial automation, automotive, pro audio visual and vision systems.

As the ability of gadgets to connect and share volumes of data among themselves, it becomes more difficult to process the data. Information from cameras and sensors in buildings, homes factories and vehicles at a bigger rate cannot be adequately handled by microcontrollers or microprocessors alone.

By using high-performance devices like Intel’s FPGAs one is able to collect and send information that help in making real-time inferences based on the input from IoT devices. Additionally, FPGAs can be programmed to send certain levels of computing and functions needed by different IoT applications.

The Cyclone® 10 GX, Cyclone® 10 FPGAs and Cyclone® 10 LP – have own unique elements on them to address different design team needs.

Cyclone 10 GX is very unique compared to other low-cost FPGAs because it can support 10G transceivers and hard floating point digital signal processing. It performs twice the previous versions of Cyclone.

Intel Cyclone 10 GX marketers include those where high core speed I/O performance are of great importance. Some of the uses include machine vision and smart city applications that offer surveillance in parking bays, on bridges and on roads. Cyclone 10 GX is also preferred in supporting pro AV technologies like video streaming applications.

Motor-driven systems take up the biggest portion of industrial energy consumption, accounting for two-thirds and their efficient and smooth function is very important to the smart factory.

 FPGAs like the Cyclone 10 GX are very beneficial to operators through reductions in total cost of ownership across the whole product lines.

Cyclone GX and Cyclone LP FPGAs allows designers working in industrial settings to more easily attain compliance under the Machinery Directive safety standard popularly called the IEC 61508.

Where application cost and power are the main factors in the design decision, Intel Cyclone 10 LP offers the perfect solution.

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