Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Security Cloud Report Reveals Difficulty In Keeping Cloud Safe

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Security announced its annual security report, the second of its kind, on 13th February 2017. The report, titled “Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky”, revealed findings of about 2,000 IT specialists that were involved in a survey. In the said survey, the IT professionals were picked from a plethora of industries, across numerous countries and in a network of organizations.

Participants of the survey were technical movers and shakers, from small to large organizations. These were in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Singapore.

Among findings were the public’s perception of cloud services, both public and private, security implications of the same and the impact of Shadow IT on cloud users.

The public has taken cloud services well under their wings with their trust and perception growing over the years. Organizations report that cloud services are cost friendly and more secure, compared to private clouds. Trust levels of public clouds, as opposed to private clouds is now at a 2:1 ratio.

Risk management is also easily perceived by the public, encouraging organizations to use public cloud to store data, especially that which is sensitive. Surveyed individuals totaled a 62 percent number that claimed use of public cloud to store sensitive data.

One issue affecting cloud usage and its safeness is a whole is skills shortage in the security arena. 36 percent of those surveyed claimed a shortage or lack of cybersecurity know-how. However, they report continued use of the cloud. 40 percent of cloud services are employed without IT involvement.

This has led to a drop of Shadow IT visibility from 50 percent recorded last year, to the current 47 percent. IT professionals attribute their inability to keep cloud safe to this short-coming. Indeed, more than half of the survey participants have reported discovery of malware in cloud applications.

Cloud services’ data center will need significant progression to handle the massive migration of users from private to public cloud. Private cloud users have dropped from a decent 51 percent to a low 24 percent, while public cloud users have increased from a low 19 percent to a whopping 57 percent. This calls for virtualization and improved infrastructure of cloud-based services.

A number of recommendations were highlighted. These include:

  • Integrated security solutions that provide visibility throughout the organization to counter breaches by attackers.
  • Authentication practices need to be put in place and strengthened to avoid a hack of credentials.
  • Utilize security technologies paired with a strong security system. This will ease discovery of shadow services and visibility in general, as well as offer protection for security sensitive data.
  • Adoption of a cloud first strategy that will improve cloud service performance, lower costs and secure proactive operations.

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