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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)’s Youngest Intern, Local Maker Movement Champion Now Dealing With Health Problems

Joey Hudy was Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) youngest intern and occasionally showed off his marshmallow air cannon for former president Barack Obama during the several trips he made to the White House.

Hudy, now aged 20 years was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia and because of the huge medical bills, his family is trying to raise the needed money for him to continue with his treatment.

In a span of just two weeks, over 400 volunteers had donated around $30,000 for the targeted $50,000 GoFundMe target.

Hudy was admitted for two weeks in a Hong Kong-based psychiatric hospital before he was transferred to an Ohio-based treatment facility.

He was recently moved to a long-term treatment facility located in Tennessee after his doctors recommended. This according to his sister Elizabeth Hudy costs $25,000 a month.

Elizabeth says this is a long and hard process for the family because the diagnosis is long term and will require long term treatment, constant care and attention.

 The family remains uncertain of how long Joey will be at the Tennessee center and how long he will be on medication and the next steps to take.

Elizabeth says her parents have dedicated much of their time in promoting STEM education and they have been an encouragement to many people and through their efforts, many people have enrolled as maker community in the years the program has been in operation. She adds that this will be her opportunity as well as the opportunity of many others who always received from them. She appeals to well wishers to come on board and help offset the huge bill weighing on the family.

Several Phoenix Business Journal articles have highlighted Joey’s story when he visited the White House for the third time at the age of 17 after being crowned the champion of Valley’s maker movement as well as Intel’s youngest intern in company’s entire history.

Well wishers have been argued to help Joey Hudy get back on feet so as to continue working in the tech industry as well as be an inspiration to the maker community. Intel Corporation is one of the leading tech giants and top Nasdaq stock.

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