International Stem Cell Corp (OTCMKTS:ISCO) Updates On Significance Of Neural Stem Cells

As per the recent research carried out by International Stem Cell Corp (OTCMKTS:ISCO), “human parthenogenetic neural stem cells” can considerably minimize neurological problems after a single stroke in animal models. ISCO is a California-based biotech company working on innovative stem cell based treatments and biomedical offerings.

The expert view

Ruslan Semechkin Ph.D., International Stem’s Chief Scientific Officer, with no approved therapies for neurological dysfunction, people who undergo a stroke has just few treatment alternatives available beyond physical therapy following recovery. The new findings are highly promising signifying that ISC-hpNSC can possess considerable ability to reduce as well as reverse symptoms of neurological dysfunction. These results not only broaden the potential use of neural stem cells in the future but also offer promises to a large patient group with a major unmet medical need.

The functioning

Neural stem cells function to treat the brain in numerous ways as they are brought to the injured part and then in response to signals given by the damaged tissue, a range of molecules are released that minimizes inflammation and paves way for the recovery process. The cells have the capacity to make the a number of neurological cell types to take place of the dying and dead cells essential for the arrangement of new brain tissue. The hpNSCs act as key controller of all the numerous activities deemed essential to recuperate brain function.

The program

International Stem stroke plan uses the neutral stem cells that it uses in its Parkinson’s disease program, taken from the human parthenogenetic stem cells by utilizing a cGMP procedure as per the protocol stated in “Nature Scientific Reports” in March 2013. They have been highlighted in peer-reviewed articles to have superior immunological characteristics to other neural stem cells. If the test succeeds, it offers a huge potential as stroke is one of the main causes of death in the U.S. In last trading session, the stock price of ISCO declined 1.54% to close at $0.0510.

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