Ireland Inc (OTCMKTS:IRLD) Updates On Its New Gold Extraction Process

Ireland Inc (OTCMKTS:IRLD) announced that its new processing method had increased gold extraction to +0.20 opt Au. The results of new gold extraction process experimented at the Columbus Project, Nevada, marks a significant breakthrough.

New gold extraction process

The new gold extraction process is known as “TPAC”, which involves thermal pre-treatment of the sands. The next step in the process is autoclave leaching. The extraction process eliminates refractory coatings from precious metal sufficiently to permit the products to be assayed by standard fire assay. The process was meticulously developed after scanning energy dispersive spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy and electron microscope. Zeta potential tests analyzed the mineralogical features of the gold found in the sands of North Sand Zone. It also identified the metallurgical character of yellow metal after leaching. Ireland assigned the testing process to Arrakis Inc.

The fire assay results

Arrakis processed samples using the TPAC procedure, the results of which are:

  • For Test 1 – 500g head sand, 0.314 opt Au
  • For Test 2 – 100g head sand, 0.203 opt Au
  • Average:0.259 opt Au
  • Weight Mean Average:0.296 opt Au

The samples were taken from a bulk sample collected from S7A drill hole based in the North Sand Zone. The bulk sample was collected and then shipped to Arrakis for the extraction process. The tests indicated that leaching of gold is possible by autoclaving after the temperature pre-treatment (TP).

The focus

The positive results from test have encouraged Ireland to shift its focus on the gold resources in the South and North sand zones by re-assaying the core samples from previous drill programs utilizing the TPAC process. Ireland previously announced that the mineralized samples had a weight mean average of 0.041 opt Au as per caustic fusion analytical method. The company expects to announce the results from re-assaying program before June 30, 2015.

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