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Is 2015 the year Solar Stocks Breakout?

It is a possibility that 2015 will be the first year in which over 50% of new electricity generation capacity in the U.S. will come from solar. As well as the industry will start to solve its intermittency issue, installing energy storage in a rising percentage of homes that decide to choose solar. Both would be huge milestones for the solar industry. The potential growth for the solar industry isn’t measured in billions of dollars, but in trillions. In 2015 we’ll begin to see the industry’s frontrunners take a bigger role in our overall energy future and spread their wings across the country.

Three of the best solar stocks to watch 2015 are; Golden Age Resources (OTCMKTS: GDAR) a company that has just begun to tap into solar energy but are doing it in a market that very few have touched let alone seen. Their plan is to start to deploy solar in Mexico in 2015. Mexico does not only have competitive energy prices set relatively high by the country’s provider, Comision Federal de Electricdad, but history shows us, energy prices have jumped at rates up to 8%-10% annually. Now add that with the cost decline that solar systems have gone through in recent years, solar has reached grid parity in Mexico!

The next company is SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ:SPWR), on March 10th 2015, SPWR and FirstSolar, Inc. (NASDAQ:FSLR) announced that 9point3 Energy Partners LP, a limited partnership formed by FSLR and SPWR to own and manage a portfolio of selected solar generation assets has recently filed a Registration Statement on Form S-1 with the SEC for an IPO of Class A shares representing limited partner interests in 8point3 Energy Partners. Lastly we have SolarCity Corporation (NASDAQ:SCTY), has provided 3 key announcements in the month of March;

  • SCTY Appoints New Senior Vice President of Structured Finance and Strategy
  • SCTY started a global micro grid service
  • SCTY brings U.S the most cost efficient solar loan to southeastern Pennsylvania

2015 is turning out to be another great year for stocks, but if you want to ensure that 2015 is your best investing year ever then one must know where to begin. Beginning with solar stocks doesn’t not seem like a bad way to start your due diligence if you ask us.


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