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ITonis Inc (OTCMKTS:ITNS) Highlights Progress With Emesyl Nausea Treatment

ITonis Inc (OTCMKTS:ITNS)’s transition into the distribution of innovative medical and pharmaceutical products is unfolding nicely. The company has continued to ink key deals to expand the distribution of its products, which is good for its top-line story given that the company is yet to report revenue since inception. Emesyl Nausea Relief is one promising product that ITNS is trying to make available to more users by expanding its distribution to more locations.

On Feb. 12, ITonis Inc (OTCMKTS:ITNS) announced that its distributor of the product, Hensley Brothers Distribution, would make the product available at the convenience stores of ARCO in Lodi, California. ARCO was selected for the convenience store test marketing of Emesyl Nausea Relief because it is nationally represented and provides an opportunity for visibility and national penetration. Further to that, the compact size of ARCO outlets supports efficient analysis.

According to CEO, Mark Cheung, getting Emesyl Nausea Relief to stores across the country is a remarkable move by their distributor.

Total Expo

Besides introducing Emesyl Nausea Relief at the ARCO outlets, Hensley Brothers Distribution also announced featuring of the product at the NACDS Total Expo in Denver, Colorado. The Expo will be held on August 22-25, and is the largest meeting of suppliers and retailers in the drug and food sector. About 230 retail companies that represent more than 145,000 outlets are expected to participate in this year’s NACDS Expo.

Although Hensley Brothers Distribution will be presenting a number of products during the high-profile Expo, there will be a special highlight for Emesyl Nausea Relief. According to Steven Hensley, the VP of Hensley Brothers Distribution, they are ready to take the product to the next level. Hensley said the Expo provides an opportunity to do just that with a huge potential for success. Emesyl Nausea Relief is expected to enter the Big Box retailer grocery stores and pharmacies by the end of this year.

The challenge for ITonis Inc (OTCMKTS:ITNS) with its Emesyl Nausea Relief product is that it is entering a very crowded market.

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