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Jaguar Animal Health Inc (NASDAQ:JAGX) Intends To Release The Prophylactic Preparation Of Neonorm Calf

Jaguar Animal Health Inc (NASDAQ:JAGX) an animal health firm, NASDAQ stock advanced on developing and commercializing leading gastrointestinal offerings for companion and production animals, high value horses and foals, reported the publication of a trial that focused on prophylactic application of a standardized botanical extract for the deterrence of naturally happening diarrhea in Holstein calves” in the American Dairy Science Association journal.

The details

The trial was planned by researchers from Cornell University. Jaguar intends to release the prophylactic formulation of Neonorm Calf in 2017 in powder form for liquid administration. Neonorm™ Calf, one of company’s lead non-prescription offerings, has been formulated and assessed to help proactively hold fluid in dairy calves and decrease the severity of diarrhea—helping the animals in evading debilitating, unsafe levels of dehydration related with scours. The powder usage of the product permits for administration ease for herd-wide management.

The goals of this trial were to assess the prophylactic application of SB-300, which is the regular botanical extract in Neonorm™ Calf, on decreasing fecal water loss as well as diarrhea cases in Holstein bull calves separately housed under a limited whole-milk feeding routine from 1-25 days of life.

A double-blinded, randomized study was advanced to allocate 40 newborn calves into one of two treatment groups. As many as 20 calves received a solution comprising 500 mg of ‘SB-300’ added to whole milk for the initial 15 days of life. The other group of 20 calves obtained sterile water supplemented to whole milk for the equivalent period. The solutions volume was 10 mL per treatment. Report pertaining fecal dry matter was collected to precisely quantify water amount in fecal samples and to outline diarrhea events.

The calves group cured with SB-300 had considerably amplified fecal dry matter in the study period paralleled with calves in the other group

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