JNS HOLDINGS CORP (OTCMKTS:JNSH) Updates On EV Charging Installations

JNS HOLDINGS CORP (OTCMKTS:JNSH) and ChargePoint said that the two companies have established one of the largest EV charging installations in the Chicago. It is now functional and running at full capacity.

The details

Brian Howe, the CEO and President of JNS Holdings, said that the contract was previously given by the City of Chicago to California firm, 350Green, LLC. However, the company permitted the system to fall in disrepair and eventually abandoned it, leaving Chicago’s Electric Vehicle owners’ restricted access to running public charging stations. JNS received the prior nod from the City of Chicago and agreed to purchase the charging stations from Californian firm 350Green. Sadly, 350Green left behind unpaid vendors, and major legal concerns. Regardless, JNS Holdings moved ahead with the purchase, paying all vendors and, facing costly and lengthy litigation.

The association

JNS Holdings in conjunction with ChargePoint was able to bring more than 115 stations functional to provide Chicago electric vehicle drivers access to public Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure. The company is based locally and has ample experience with all aspects of Electric Vehicle charging systems. ChargePoint is the largest Electric Vehicle charging network across world.

The scope

Scott Miller of ChargePoint said that JNS showed a commitment to EV drivers and the industry in particular in their continued measures to bring stations back online. The company is excited to inform Chicago people and visitors about operational EV stations and know that the two companies will make it possible for a large number of people to get behind the wheel of an Electric Vehicle and access many benefits.

The commitment

Howe further said that JNS Holdings is committed to the Chicago’s EV consumer and visitors. The company will continue to develop the system with more regions while offering the most up to date service and technology. The management would like to thank ChargePoint to make the program a great success.

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