Jobs Number Goes up With Bitcoin Price

The price of bitcoin has been quite eccentric over the past few weeks, with drops and new highs going into the tens of percents in short periods of time. With growing interest in the futures options for the currency by CME, the coin has managed to make quite an impact on the media. With the massive growth of bitcoin comes a large amount of growth in other sectors such as the jobs associated with the currency. “The rise in the value of Bitcoin and other digital currencies over the past 12 months has opened the market up to many retail and institutional investors who were previously sitting on the sidelines,” a representative for the U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase said in a statement.

“As the size of the market has grown, Coinbase has added the right people to ensure our platform and customers are properly supported, and we have approximately doubled our headcount in the last year.” Coinbase employs over 200 employees, and is continuing to grow. Jobs on the popular job site known as LinkedIn have increased in number with those related directly to bitcoin, and those that simply mention the broader cryptocurrency market. Large institutions such as the big financial Wall Street players have dismissed bitcoin as little more than an investment.

They have admitted to the high amount of value in the underlying technology associated with the currency, but that is all that they will admit to. Those job descriptions on the aforementioned site appear as though they are across the board. The industry on cryptocurrency is something that is growing at an extremely rapid pace. As the industry grows, those who have any inclination or knowledge about such a new market, could potentially find work in the up and coming sector.

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