JunkieDog.com Inc (OTCMKTS:JKDG) Records Positive Revenues

With its fiscal year commencing on July 1, JunkieDog.com Inc (OTCMKTS:JKDG) posted earnings of more than $313,000 in its 2Q of business. It is important to mention that it is first full quarter of commercial sales of the company and revenue has far exceeded expectations. The signature product line constitutes high-end designer shoes and offers premium brands including Gucci, Michael Kors and many others.

The financial performance

JunkieDog.com said that the shoe sales in October, November and December came at $52,000, $55,000 and $57,000, respectively. In this holiday season, total shoe sales came at $164,000 which accounted for more than 52% of the total earnings in 2Q. The company currently distributes the products through established stores such as Ebay.com and Amazon.com. In the coming year, the company will be looking to purchase additional stores to distribute merchandise using a new marketing strategy. Roberto Luciano, the CEO of JunkieDog.com said that the company posted two strong quarters and the management expects the momentum to continue throughout the fiscal year.

 The partnership

JunkieDog.com said that its new association with Brewer and Associates Consulting, LLC will provide extended global distribution opportunities and improve marketing measures. It distributes products through different channels including, but not restricted to retail e-commerce platform as well as bulk and whole sales of liquidated merchandise. One of the main objectives of the company in fiscal 2015 is to add additional distribution channels on international platform. It also intends to increase existing sales on established stores including Amazon.com and Ebay.com.

The profile

JunkieDog.com can be categorized as an online e-commerce company that specialize in product sourcing, manufacturing and global distribution of a broad range of products including women’s shoes, Hanes products, hydroponic supplies, heat presses, pet carriers, exercise pens, paper supplies and list goes on. It has relationships and working deals in North America and abroad which include major big box retailers and manufacturers that permit the company to have a strong benefit over peers.

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