Key Announcement From That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCBB:TSTS)

That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCBB:TSTS) announced that it had received the first order to manufacture a micellized ingredient for a third party. It will be produced using Proprietary Aqua V Manufacturing Process. As per the guidelines of NDA, the company will not disclose the client details or the specific ingredient. However, That Marketing said that the client is a market leader in a billion-dollar market industry.

The management view

Matt Smith, the President of That Marketing, said that the company expects it to the first of numerous orders from this client. The micellized manufacturing process is unique that offers clients a competitive edge in the marketplace. That Marketing develops and promotes health-related products. The strength of That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCBB:TSTS) is its technology related with Micellization Manufacturing Process. The proprietary process translates oil-based nutrients into water soluble products. Such products are absorbed in a much better way by the cells.

Aqua V Technology

That Marketing’s Aqua V technology is a significant scientific discovery. The technology exponentially increases the many nutritional advantages of bio-nutrients in the body. It lowers the quantity of raw ingredients needed to produce the nutritional formula.

Functioning of technology

Many of the vital bio-nutrients that people take in their diet as supplements are fat-soluble. Therefore, it is important for the body to micellized the supplement. It can be down by breaking down supplements that leave only a part of the bio-nutrient available for uptake. The customers can utilize the proprietary technology for adapting the nutrient outside of the body.

Uptake in process

In the process, uptake is immediate, and there is no bio-waste in the process. The formulation is a hassle free process. Also, the process enables formulators to utilize fewer active ingredients in formulas so as to get the maximum advantages. The technology controls the exact quantity of nutritional value to the body.

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