Koushan Pharmed To Distribute Starpharma Holdings Limited (ASX:SPL) Condoms In Iran

Starpharma Holdings Limited (ASX:SPL), an Australian firm has signed a deal with Koushan Pharmed to have the latter market, promote and distribute VivaGel condoms in Iran. Under the deal, Starpharma will supply Koushan Pharmed with the VivaGel brand of condoms while Pharmed will work to get the product registered by applying to the relevant government agency in Iran. With more than 60 percent of its 75 million people age 30 years and under, Iran provides a lucrative market for condoms.

Fast growing firm

Koushan Pharmed, which is based in Tehran, Iran, is privately owned and already possesses a diversified portfolio of products ranging from medical devices to over-the-counter products to pharmaceutical products. The company, which is one of the fastest growing firms in Iran’s pharmaceutical sector, gets its products from various parts of the world. The company began operations in 2008 and its parent company has been Ahran Tejarat since inception.

In partnering with Koushan Pharmed, the Chief Executive Officer of Starpharma said they chose the former because of the strong sales partnerships the firm has developed with pharmacists as well as the company’s track record in successfully marketing global brands and helping them penetrate Iran’s market.

The managing director of Koushan Pharmed said they chose to distribute VivaGel condoms because they were of high quality and possessing innovative features. According to Starpharma, the VivaGel brand of condoms contain an antiviral agent in the condom’s lubricant which, together with the physical barrier provided by the latex, helps reduce transmission of sexually transmitted infections such as HSV, HIV, and HPV. In the recent past, this antiviral agent was demonstrated to possess a potent antiviral reaction against the ZIka virus which has also been proven to be sexually transmittable.

Starpharma, a Melbourne-based company, is a global leader in dendrimer products. Besides the VivaGel brand of condoms, the ASX 300 company is involved in the manufacture of agrochemicals and also in drug delivery

Aiming for wider reach

The VivaGel brand of condoms has already been licensed for distribution in other countries including Canada, New Zealand, and Japan. More launches in many more jurisdictions are expected in the future.

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