Leaked Information On Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 8 And What Was Revealed

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is known for its fast-paced production line, the release of the iPhone was a mere few months ago, but upon its release, the company had already spent resources into coming up with the next model of the production line, the only question that remains is well the iPhone 8, surpass its predecessors.

The highly-anticipated iPhone 8, which was primed to be released on the company’s 10th anniversary was already a major attraction, however, with the latest leaks involving the instrumental product, the excitement may just be able to grow a little higher over the smartphone.

What the leak revealed the changes in the iPhone 8

With the leak, it was revealed that in key aspects of the iPhone 8, such as the design, the smartphone is going to be unique and outshine predecessors.

Korea Herald, one key executive of Apple, stated, “The OLED version of the new iPhone will all be curved as Apple ordered all plastic OLED – not glass – from Samsung Display.”

This sounds great. However, it comes at a major disadvantage. Due to the fact that Apple has to rely on Samsung Display for the supplying of screens for the iPhone 8, there is a restriction to the number of screens that Apple can make use of. More specifically, it was revealed that Apple will only be able to order 100 million units of these OLED screens.

The curved display could give the iPhone 8 a unique feature, as no other smartphone currently integrates this design in their phones. Prohibitive of strange shapes, it is expected that quad-curved is a more accurate description, as many believe the phone will have curves on all four sides.

The benefits of the design of the iPhone 8

One of the major benefits of the changes for the iPhone 8, is the fact that the company is undergoing a change of glass OLED screens, to that of plastic OLED screens. This means those worrying days of dropping your phone, and it shattering into millions of expensive little pieces, is drastically reduced, as plastic cannot shatter.

However, a disadvantage of making use of plastic is that it is easier to scratch and mark the screen, so as with most situations there is an advantage and disadvantage to the changes of the iPhone 8.

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