Livewire Ergogenics Inc (OTCMKTS:LVVV) Announces its New Granultra

Livewire Ergogenics Inc (OTCMKTS:LVVV) is a company that concentrates on developing performance-based nutrition. It has released yet another exciting product for its loyal customers, the “Granultra”. This would be an on the go energy snack, packed with nutrient dense granola. The newest release from the company reaffirms the belief of its customers that the company is dedicated to providing healthy neutraceuticals. Most of the company’s products, including Granultra, are derived from its proprietary soft-chew matrix.

The CEO of the company, Bill Hodson, announced that the initial consumer tests had shown promising results, during the first phase of its trials. The Granultra is available online, but will soon be made available at retail stores as well. The product comes in varying flavors and types, out of which the most prominent is the hemp granola. The products of the company are very popular amongst athletes, seeking a sustained and quick energy boost. The company believes that their newest product would be even more popular than the previous ones.

The company claims that a normal person can sustain high energy levels, throughout the day, with just a two serving pouch. The Granultra has been designed to be weight and space efficient; hence it is suitable for anyone to carry around with them. The company wants to look at the response from the market, towards the new product, before the official launch. It was also announced that any retailers who want to get the Granultra before the official launch should file a request with the company.

The announcement has helped LVVV move upwards, closing at a value of $0.0055 at the end of April 6. The report of consumer reaction towards the product, by the company, would help the company register a further rise in share value. The company is in good financial health and, even though, its financial report shows just a few thousand dollars, the company is generating revenue and making a profit. As the company proceeds with marketing its new products, these figures are expected to rise and attract investor interest along the way.

Livewire Ergogenics Inc (OTCMKTS:LVVV) closed at $0.0055 losing 26.67% in yesterday’s trading session.

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