Livewire Ergogenics Inc (OTCMKTS:LVVV) Launches On-the-Go Energy Snack

Livewire Ergogenics Inc (OTCMKTS:LVVV) a performance nutrition firm launched Granultra™  in February. It is an on-the-go energy snack and has the power of nutrient-filled, wholesome granola combined with LiveWire energy chews. The company is focused on developing, discovering and marketing unique and effective nutraceutical from its patented soft-chew matrix. The innovative products are directed toward increasing physical performance and enhancing overall health and wellness.

The management view

Bill Hodson, the CEO of Livewire Ergogenics Inc (OTCMKTS:LVVV) said that the preliminary consumer tests have been supportive during the first stage of the Granultra launch. The product is available on online platform. It would also be sold through specialty retailers. There are many athletes who consume LiveWire Energy chews for a sustained and fast-acting energy boost. The product is a perfect line extension that fulfills consumer demands; venturing into the specialty snack industry is a natural progression.

The features

LiveWire Ergogenics’ much awaited product will include hemp granola combined with chucks of all-natural hemp CBD energy chews. It features toasted granola in a mix of pecans, dried cherries, honey, dark chocolate pieces and also chunks of chocolate chews.  The product offers athletes searching for a few extra carbs or any individual yearning for higher energy levels throughout the day with an easy and convenient two-serving pouch. The company will commercialize Granultra™ to individuals with space and weight equipment concern as an ideal on-the-go snack while camping, hiking, backpacking, or witnessing endurance and other activities.

The other details

Livewire Ergogenics said that it is only after performing additional market tests and getting wider recognition of the Granultra™ product lines; the company will leverage the complete distribution channel. Distributors and retailers interested in getting samples before the national launch can contact specific sales department. The company via its wholly owned subsidiary firm LiveWire MC2 produces and commercializes value enhanced nutritional dietary supplements.

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