Loran Connection Corp (OTCMKTS:PTRA) Completes Preliminary Technical Analysis at Sevier Oil Prospect

Loran Connection Corp (OTCMKTS:PTRA) an independent oil and gas exploration firm focusing its efforts on the Sevier and Beaver Oil Project announced that it concluded the initial phases of its technical analysis of Sevier Oil Prospect. The widely accessible gravity and magnetic data examined in Phase One and the gravity survey done through Phase Two have been evaluated and delivered to PetroTerra.

The management view

Kurt Reinecke, the COO of Loran Connection, said that the gravity and magnetic data assessed as part of the initial mapping measure provided ample encouragement to the team to start with Phase Two, which requires a detailed proprietary results collection and interpretation related to the Sevier Prospect. The second stage is about acquiring and interpreting a gravity survey that extend beyond the public data, and at a much deeper level of detail.

Phase One

In phase one of Gravity and Magnetic Analysis, Loran Connection engaged Thompson Solutions LLC to process both the aeromagnetic datasets and public domain gravity that exist over the company’s Sevier Prospect. The activities related to Phase one were completed in late 2014. The engaged firm provided digitally improved maps and files which permitted the Company to focus on prospective leads and trends in the area. The company is now planning to start with the next stage of technical analysis in order to know and explore the hidden potential of hydrocarbon accumulations.

Phase Two

In Phase two of Gravity Survey and Interpretation, Loran Connection Corp (OTCMKTS:PTRA) engaged Magee Geophysical Services LLC to perform a proprietary and high-resolution gravity survey starting November 2014. It was completed in December 2014. The company said that a total of 737 gravity stations were bought in a nominal quarter mile grid. The new details were included in the re-processed public domain information, which covered 630 stations based in and across the main grid.

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