Max Sound Corp (OTCBB:MAXD) CEO Letter To Shareholders

John Blaisure, the CEO of Max Sound Corp (OTCBB:MAXD) updated about the company’s progress through a letter to shareholders. He outlined the opportunities for the company’s products and its market positioning in the letter. He expressed his gratitude to all investors who supported him and the company in transforming MAX-D HD as the new customer audio brand standard in all major vertical markets including communication, entertainment, and multimedia. Max successfully completed testing for MAX-D HD audio boxes.

Max-D HD technology

The unique Max Sound Corp (OTCBB:MAXD) HD technology introduced by Max Sound offers HD audio without increasing file size. It is a better audio product compared to other highly compressed audio. MP3 files sound incredible with Max-D HD technology. In the consumer audio tests, the audio from Max product sound better to listeners compared to WAV files. It is despite the fact that Max-D HD is just one-tenth of the total size of a high-resolution WAV file. The product has better dimension, more clarity and clear articulation in every range of the audio band.

The prime focus

Max Sound prime focus remains on research and development of its Max Sound Corp (OTCBB:MAXD) HD audio, especially at a time when the company has entered into licensing phase. Blaisure called the R&D development process as an exciting process. It involves working with prospective partners, as well as existing partners. All of them are developing or integrating use of Max Sound’s technology into their platforms. The development work of unique Max-D accurate voice has entered into next stage.

Penetrating markets

Blaisure said that marketing and sales team of Max Sound took necessary measures to penetrate the auto industry, smart device industry, television and film industry and content streaming industry. The development team has worked hard on improving the existing MAX-D HD API. At the same time, they are working on additional API interfaces. The Max Sound Corp (OTCBB:MAXD) API is compatible with all streaming platforms.

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