Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) Updates On Its Cannabis Brands

Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) leading cannabis brands were featured at Natural Products Expo West. The corporate portfolio company, HempMeds was assigned the task of showcasing the hemp Cannabidiol Oil Products and the top brands at largest Buyers’ Expo. The scope of cannabis products has increased significantly in the past one year.

The scope

The states including Alaska, Washington, DC and Virginia have approved the legalization of medical cannabis. It opens a whole new market for companies operating in marijuana industry. The expo provides an opportunity to such companies to attract customers and let them know the recent changes made in legal structure. Medical Marijuana didn’t miss the chance and showcased its entire product range in the expo. The informed customers are already demanding marijuana products from coast-to-coast.

The industry

Medical cannabis is attracting attention of many people across the US states. The reason of all the attraction is the noise related to the legalization of marijuana industry. The attendees that visited the expo were inclined to get information about Medical Marijuana brands. The company was also delighted with the response. Thousands of buyers from different regions attended the expo.


The corporate portfolio entity of Medical Marijuana, better known as HempMeds, looked after the expo activities. The firm provides mainstream marketing, sales, and logistics and customer services in the legal cannabis industry. It also acts as an exclusive master distributor and marketing hand of Medical Marijuana. Moreover, it is the communication center for various subsidiaries of the company.

The brands

HempMeds of Medical Marijuana showcased innovative and effective cannabis brands at Expo. It included Dixie Botanicals, anew Brands and popular Real Scientific Hemp Oil. aNew brands is the range of CBD-infused functional foods whereas Dixie Botanicals is one of the favorite brands in the marijuana industry. Also, the company featured KannaKick and anti-aging CBD skincare products.

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