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Micron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) Management At Needham Growth Conference

Micron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) participated in Needham Growth Conference, wherein Ernie Maddock, the CFO reported that their belief is that this fiscal they are going to have almost 40% to 45% bit growth in supply as well as demand. They don’t actually spend a substantial amount of time attempting to figure out the performance of upcoming quarter, because at the close of the day the fact is if they are balanced for the year, they are going to witness the industry mature and estimate from a cost point of view in the course that it needs to.

The highlights

The CFO of Micron added that they would absolutely approve that there’s expected to be more supply in 2H2017. The company have released 2 year bit growth targets last year, which marked as the primary year of conversion. They under grew the industry in attempt to hit bit growth targets, and they project to surpass the markets this year.

Likewise, other suppliers to the market who are in the course of doing conversions, which indeed is almost everyone will have a bit progress lower than anticipations during the time they are doing that change and then when that volume comes available, they will in fact probably excel for small period of time.

So, the quarterly forces of who is driving supply, when, really is an outcome of so many factors that again trying to remain focused on that is possibly not the most major thing to do comparative to Micron as a manufacturer, they are extremely focused on how they consider they are intending to progress throughout 2017.

Furthermore, the review of the DRAM operations is that there will be around 15% to 20% bit supply from company and all the other members in the same industry. So from a demand perspective, they consider demand is going to be a little bit more than 20%, somewhere around 20% to 25%.

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