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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) To Start Operation From Downtown Detroit Office In 2018

Making Detroit, a cutting-edge techno hub, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) shall soon become the latest contributor with its downtown Detroit office located at One Campus Martius building. The officials from Microsoft announced on Friday that the company’s One Campus Martius building will be ready for use by the beginning of 2018. With this, Microsoft has transitioned from 30-years long base in Southfield to Detroit. This will be known as the Michigan Microsoft Technology Center.

About the Michigan Microsoft Technology Center

The new center shall be sitting at the 10th floor in Campus Martius building. The building is situated in the hub of business district, which makes it an ideal location for the company. Microsoft shall take up over 40,000 square feet area here. The company will have 200 employees, all of who shall work remotely on sales grounds and will have mobile offices in Detroit.

For this purpose, the company has also signed a 7-year lease agreement. Hwther or not, the company shall continue with the Southfield office, is yet to be decided. The downtown location in Detroit is said to bring business value to the company.

Detroit- an ideal location for the tech company

The corporate vice president of Microsoft, Phil Sorgen said that the company shall help Detroit sustain the title of “thriving technology hub,” by ensuring that it gets experienced team and resources.

The Quicken Loans Inc. founder, Dan Gilbert says that Detroit is turning into a technology center for the country. There are a myriad of fintech and car tech companies located here, which makes it an innovative business center.

However, Gilbert also confirmed that by letting Microsoft be a part of One Campus Martius, he would have to displace his Quicken Loans employees, who have been working here already. But, he says that this would provide more room for “references.”

Detroit has lately emerged as a preferred choice for several companies, especially the ones looking for technology and innovation.

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