Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT): Windows 7 and Windows 8 can be upgraded to Windows 10 now

Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) to doing really well; how? By making Windows 10 free, available across desktop PCs and Smartphones. It also now introduces Xbox streaming. The bullseye might be to add on Cortana invasion and crazy holographic strategies to revitalize the company under Satya Nadella. No doubt, it has made a daring effort to make windows 10 the most successful in the history of Microsoft.

Microsoft quietly, last week launchedthat Build 9926 of Windows 10 technical preview is easily accessible and can be installed by upgrading windows 7 and windows 8. True for it being less complex and sensible; it’s almostbeyond belief that Microsoft hasn’t done it until now.

For this procedure, however a mini file is required; a user is asked to go to Microsoft Technical Preview page and to click an option of ‘start upgrade now’. The file can be downloaded in no time, asking a user on finishing, to restart the PC.

Microsoft has already played well in leaving behind no complexity in the new adoption. It is user friendly and the tech giant already announced Windows 10 to be free of cost for one year after it is launched in the market.

Windows 7 was Microsoft’s wonderful innovation, the way it acted as an OS. The point for consideration here is that even if Windows 10 is provided free to consumers, it might not be that persuasive to some,due to the hassle of installation and downloading. Also, it has been managed by a simple installation of security upgrading; then what’s the point?

The OS has been tested and experimented many times before its launch, yet the constant fears of it bearing any bugs or software incompatibilities are always there. Many consumers also do not prefer any sort of alteration; therefore it’s more likely that many won’t even bother to go for an update.

According to the latest figures,globally, all PCs, as well as Apple Mac and Linus, 70% have been runningWindows operating systems i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.It won’t be appropriate to claim thata broader adoption of Windows 10 could begin in the upcoming days.



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