Mind Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:VOIS) All Set for The Launch Of Synapse

Mind Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:VOIS) has announced the beginning of its public awareness program, which is planned to lead to the launch of its unique Brain-Computer-Interface. The Synapse, as it is called, is going to be the world’s smallest BCI device. The device uses a single dry sensor to receive brain waves, from behind the ear, to translate them into actions on the computer or smartphone of the user. This is something that can create serious competition for Google’s Glass 2 platform for businesses. News from the company states that the product has cleared testing and is ready for launch.

Once the company has received all the components, it can start assembling the product. If you are a shareholder of the company, you would be amongst the first ones to get hold of the device. The company has announced that all shareholders will be able to order the product from the company’s website, even before the launch. The company is not the first to tap into the potential uses of recent studies into brain wave research. Other companies have developed devices for human-computer interaction, similar to VOIS, but they either concentrate on small tasks or are developed for gaming.

Even after successful developments, in terms of its flagship product, the company has been registering a steep downfall in the market. The biggest reason for their decline is the fall poor financial condition of the company. It has just a few hundred thousand in cash and revenues, but an annual loss of $1.4 million. The situation is bad considering that it is a technology development company. However, if the BCI shows some success in the market, it could very well be the turning point for VOIS. The product has great potential in terms of being a much-needed tool for the business environment. If the company has taken some lessons from the failure of Google Glass, it should be able to manufacture a product that could be in high demand for improved efficiency is a business environment.

Mind Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:VOIS) registered a 0% change in stock value, closing at $0.0014.

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