Mind Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:VOIS) Climbs Uphill

Yesterday’s trading brought some relief for shareholders of Mind Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:VOIS). The stock price surged more than 31% to close at $.00290 with massive volume of 39.91 million. It managed to erase the previous day loss of 24% and brought down the last seven session decline to almost 40%. The high volatility might look strange particularly for accompany which is working on a high-end brain computer interface solution. The company claims it to be the smallest BCO device in the world. Mind Solutions has an image of an individual playing a shooter PC game utilizing the brain computer interface on its website.

The financials

Mind Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:VOIS) doesn’t have an actual video of the BCO interface working with Counter Strike Game. Another thing that company lacks is decent financials. It released its annual financial report few weeks ago which stated that Mind Solution has cash of $113,000. The liabilities came at $3 million.

Dismal performance

The annual revenue of $100,000 showed any growth since its inception in 2002 when it posted annual revenue of $101,000. Also, the annual loss stood at massive $1.4 million. Also, there are additional problems with American Green like diluting its shareholders aggressively like there is no tomorrow and it is the end of the world. It reported that its outstanding shares have surged by almost 61% in the last five months. The number of outstanding shares stood at 1.08 billion in October 2014 and now it stands at 1.74 billion.

Dilution problem

The reason for such a massive dilution by American Green is in the same report. Almost every toxic financier had lent money to the company. Some of the financiers are Hanover Holdings, Magna Group, Asher Enterprises and JMJ Financial. The company issued 66 million shares to JMJ Financial for the conversion of under $20,000 worth of debt. It stated that the company issued the shares at $0.0003 per piece.

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