Killian-Palms-Country-Club-Grand-Salon-Ballroom-Wedding-Reception-3 (OTCMKTS:SMRS) Retains Mine Mappers, LLC.

Mine Mappers, LLC, a reputed geological research and consulting firm, confirmed huge potential for large ore concentrations in (OTCMKTS:SMRS)‘s Chopar Project. It is the same firm that the company retained to assist in the exploration process of their Chopar Project. It is based in the Star Mining District of Utah.

The task (OTCMKTS:SMRS) assigned the task of evaluating past exploration activities to Mine Mappers. The consulting firm will also prepare outline of the work for a comprehensive exploration program. The objective is to thoroughly evaluate potential of mineral holdings in the region. It is the first step MyOtherCountryClub has taken to achieve its objective of making the Chopar Project viable.

The management view

Joseph Marchal, the CEO of MyOtherCountryClub, said that skarn bodies concentration are related to mineable accumulations of metallic ores of copper, zinc, iron, gold, lead, and several others. (OTCMKTS:SMRS) is delighted about the potential that Chopar Project possess, simply because ‘where there is a skarn, there is gold.’

Consulting firm

Dr. Mark Osterberg, the CEO of Mine Mappers, said that the larger Star Mining District and Chopar Project hold large potential for economic concentrations of sediment-hosted Au-Ag and skarn mineralization. The availability of skarn mineralization in outcrop, in drill core and chips and historic mines, is encouraging. The area of zones affected by metasomatism is large enough to host ire bodies of grade and size to interest junior, as well as major mining concerns.

The experience

Osterberg has more than thirty years of experience in the mining business. He is the key person behind the success of research and consulting firm. He evaluated Chopar project and commented on the next phases of Chopar Project. It includes geological mapping, rock chip and soil geochemical surveys, drill targeting, and geophysical modeling. The next stages of development are anticipated to commence within the next few weeks.

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