Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) Planning To Create More ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Content This Year

If you at some point you ever wish to choose an ending to your favorite show, Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) has got you covered. The company, based in Los Gatos, Calif and a NASDAQ Stock ​listed at SEC plans to roll out interactive content that will enable viewers to determine or rather have a say on how their favorite shows end.

To roll out this experiment, the company plans to film different scenes on different plat lines for a series and give viewers a chance to suggest the route they prefer to take. The program is an emulation of the choose-your-own-adventure books where the reader plays the protagonist role and determines some aspects of the story.

One of the choices will come in linear format with the viewer only to require to propose a yes or a no. Other choices will be more detailed like letting viewers choose different scenes using their remotes.

According to sources close to the development, the project was “an experiment” that the company was in keenly monitoring its level of success.

The first trial of the interactive content will be done using a kids show land is scheduled for 2017. If the experiment is positively received, Netflix will roll out the same to adult shows.

Netflix first experimented the interactive content with Kong: King of the Apes a children series in April 2016.the series has shorter episodes named “Battles” that can only unlock after one has watched previous episodes. To notify you if you have unlocked an episode a pop up shows up on the screen while watching the other episodes.

The company has been concentrating on original content since 2013 when the first series House of Cards was released. The company plans to spend a total of $6 billion towards content in 2017 up from the $5 billion spent in 2016. The company is however facing stiff competition. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) a top tech and NASDAQ Stock​ listed company, has announced plans to start airing original content to its 20 million Apple Music subscribers.

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