Nickelodeon Journeys To Save Parent Company Viacom, Inc. (NASDAQ:VIAB)

Nickelodeon has kicked off its TV’s upfront ads series. This happens just when networks are in it trying to capture the attention of ad buyers.

Dark shadow overlooking Nickelodeon

The weather at Planet Viacom, Inc. (NASDAQ:VIAB) lately has been a shade of grey rather than just partially cloudy. Battles with executive suites, ratings erosion and executive revolving door have eroded the company billions in its value. This is something that any unsuspecting person would not even have guessed was taking place, save for the upfront ad series. All is not lost, the new buy-in brand gig could play a great role in turning tables in favor of Nickelodeon and save its troubled parent company, NASDAQ Listed Stock Viacom. Its strength lies in its popularity among 2-11 year old viewers.

The rise and rise of Nickelodeon

In the past three years consecutively, Nickelodeon carried 9 in the top 10 shows targeting 2-11 years in 2016. It went home with the overall ratings crown during that time. It has also notably sought to liberal amounts from SpongeBob yellow and showbiz during a presentation that covered the company’s history of internal strength. Nick continues to hold the most popular title among the 2-11 years old audience against the likes of YouTuber Jojo Siwa, Pitbull and Gwen Stefani. The executives are proud of the company’s consistency dominance in the market. They attribute the success to a lot of hardwork and devotion. They take pride in grabbing top of the list once again.

The changing technology

Times have changed and the new brand that outlines Nick as bigger than TV is expected to be launched in 2018. A series of demographic details meant to bring out the preferences of both parents and children was also featured during the event. The study highlighted that the population is readily embracing diversity. Digitisation is now the order of the day. Parenting has evolved from helicopter to drone parenting. Lip Sync Battle Shorties is a good example of how times have changed. The youth believe that the door to fame is only a step too close. Lip Sync Battle aims at celebrating talents in children and encourage them to develop them. It is this diversity that has inspired Nickelodeon.

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