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NIOCORP DEVELOPMENTS (OTCMKTS:NIOBF) Initiates Trading On Toronto Stock Exchange

Against all the odds, NIOCORP DEVELOPMENTS (OTCMKTS:NIOBF) has successfully registered itself on the Toronto Stock Exchange. As per the reports, it announced that it started trading on TSX by successfully registering itself under the ticker name ‘NB.’

Insights On The Matter:

In order to register on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Niocorp had to delist itself from TSX Venture Exchange. The new symbol of the firm on TSX will be ‘NB,’ but it has ensured that no change in the CUSIP number has been made. It’s one of the best decisions taken by the company in the recent past.

The entire senior management team of Niocorp is excited to announce this step. In a press conference, Mark Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Niocorp stated that it was a fabulous milestone to achieve. Not only the company, but its shareholders will also be benefitted by this step. Along with exposure, Niocorp will continue to elevate its knowledge about Elk Creek niobium, titanium and scandium deposit, which will surely bring positive, results in the near future.

TSX is a global platform, and getting listed on it will ensure a positive growth in the future. Niocorp will be known as one of the largest and fastest growing mining companies of the world, which will help it attract new investors and worldwide recognition. It’s just one of the steps that Niocorp has taken in the current year as there are many more to follow.

The long awaited feasibility study that was initiated to develop Elk Creek in the past is going to complete by the second half of 2015, which will prove to be another milestone in its success chart.

A few changes in the management team have been made for a better performance. As per the reports, Mark Smith, Executive Chairman and CEO of Niocorp, has also been appointed as the CEO of Largo Resources Ltd. He will take charge from April 1, 2015. The senior management has clarified that the Smith’s new responsibility won’t harm his current roles and responsibilities.

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