NOHO Inc (OTCBB:DRNK) Signs an International Expansion Deal

NOHO Inc (OTCBB:DRNK) has announced plans for expansion of its premium drinks into Asia. The company has recently signed a deal with Early Light Industrial, for the formation of NOHO Asia. The deal will allow the company to market its beverages in most parts of Asia. Early light was led by its founder and CEO, Dr. Francis Choi, who is a self-made billionaire and highly reputed in the industrial sector. The CEO of NOHO Inc, Jay Grdina, expressed his delight at being approached by Early Light, for a joint venture.

NOHO knows that its premium beverages are in integral part of the lifestyles of many people and the move by Early Light just confirms this fact. NOHO has had substantial sales in the US, which might help it make a good name in Asia as well. NOHO’s “Hangover Defense” has a huge demand and like most of the company’s drinks is seen as a healthy alternative to alcohol. Additionally, the company seeks to exploit the changes taking place in Asian societies. People have been moving from extremely cultural to extremely modern lifestyles, which has resulted in an increase in demand for beverages like that produced by NOHO Inc (OTCBB:DRNK).

The move is the latest in a series of expansions that NOHO has currently been involved in. In the 4Q2014, the company was able to secure distribution deals with Southern Wine & Spirits and Light Group properties. The company’s expansion has been moving at an incredibly fast rate with deals pouring in from national and international company’s almost every month. The question, however, remains, whether the company has the financial resources to run all of these expansions at the same time? If the company is unable to meet the distributor’s demands, it could well lose the contract. The rate of expansion would dictate that the company opens more production units, with larger capacities.

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