Northstar Global Services, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MDIN) Confirms Changes In Management

Northstar Global Services, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MDIN) confirmed that it is shifting its core attention slightly to achieve maximum revenue. The main transition is made by appointing Brandon Dean as new CEO of the company. He is a young and active entrepreneur with a clear outlook and strategic plans. He has the talent to execute and prioritize revenue generation as the top most objective in the to-do list.

The activities

In the last two years, Northstar sole focus was on distribution functions that it carried out through big-box retail chains. It is a major concern as such activities are extremely time consuming and expensive. It becomes all more problematic for a firm that is in the growth phase. At that time it was considered as an appropriate strategy as the company wanted to occupy a larger shelf space. It believed that that mass exposure would help it to mitigate the deep impact of decline in net profit that any corporation has to deal when selling via brick and mortar channels.

The future ahead

The new CEO of Northstar Global believes to implement a different strategy. He considers that it is the right time to evaluate what the company has accomplished in the past. Now is the time to make changes. All the resources whether it is time or capital have to be saved to move strongly ahead in the competitive race. He added that the company’s focus has drifted from the main goal, and it’s his responsibility to get back the firm on the right track, and that too soon.

The new plans

Dean said that Northstar Global will now not just focus on retail store model. As per his new plan, the attention will shift on direct response activities like the “infomercial” style ads. It is the same strategy that has converted ‘Snorenz’ into a popular household name in the past.

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