Nuance Communications Inc (NASDAQ:NUAN) And Epic Working Hand In Hand To Deliver Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation

NASDAQ stock Nuance Communications Inc (NASDAQ:NUAN) together with Epic have announcement their coming together in a partnership that will see them deliver computer-assisted physician documentation capabilities embedded within Epic®.

The Epic NoteReader CDI solution powers the artificial intelligence capabilities embedded in the Nuance CAPD technology which culminates in an automatic provision of some real-time clinical documentation improvement feedback to the various physicians at the point of care. This captures appropriate reimbursement, scales up the severity-adjusted quality scores as well as the risk adjustment factors which are crucial towards proper care and the management of patients.

Through a proper analysis of all the relevant patient notes with natural deep language understanding and deep learning, Nuance’s CAPD technology in an automatic fashion identifies all the clinical indicators associated with any patient’s medical records, and still moves ahead to give solid advice to the given physician on a real-time basis whenever there is an important piece of missing information that needs clarification.

Epic’s president, Carl Dvorak gave a statement citing what a great pleasure it actually was being able to work with Nuance for such a long time which has helped it embed cool voice innovations in to the clinical workflows. The new Al twist provides a completely new level of wow.

Nuance CAPD makes it possible for different clients to effectively deploy the AI-powered technology in the supplementation of their Clinical Documentation Specialist team which contributes to the making of a more efficient analysis of patient cases for documentation improvement opportunities. Asides from that, they are also able to look across all the payers as well as provide high end support on a 24×7 basis.

Additionally, the accuracy and completeness of the physicians’ clinical documentation has become pretty important and as a matter of fact that sprouts from their risk adjusted scores.

Currently, the Risk-adjusted reimbursement models have grown and become more prevalent, which as a matter of fact is making to capture as well as code Hierarchical Condition Categories to reflect the actual acuity of their patient populations in a more enhanced fashion.

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