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NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) And Audi To Launch Self-Driving Car In Three Years Time

NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) and Audi are partnering to develop autonomous vehicles powered by artificial intelligence that will be launched by 2020. This was announced during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show that is being held in Las Vegas.

While making the announcement, the president of Audi USA, Scott Keogh, said that artificial intelligence was the only practical way to make autonomous vehicles a reality.

“There’s no amount of programming in the world that will manage the street environments daily,” Keogh said.

Audi Q7 SUV

The announcement was accompanied by a demonstration of the progress that the two companies have made so far. In the demonstration, an Audi Q7 sports utility vehicle was able to navigate the small course using a driverless system that was powered by artificial intelligence. Keogh revealed that it had taken four days for the driverless system deployed on the Audi Q7 to learn the small course before adding that it would have taken months if it had been up to the efforts of programmers.

Nvidia’s Xavier computing platform is what the artificial intelligence system that was used on the Audi Q7 is based on. Additionally, Nvidia’s Co-Pilot, which is also based on artificial intelligence, was also used to assist in providing autonomy by using features such as gaze tracking and facial recognition.

Trucks and forklifts as well

Besides the partnership with Audi, Nvidia also announced that it was collaborating with Bosch and ZF, manufacturers of car parts. Nvidia’s partnership with ZF will involve developing ProAI which is an autonomous driving system that could find its way in a variety of machines and equipment including trucks, cars, and forklifts. The partnership with Bosch will also see Nvidia develop technology that will be deployed on car parts with a view to selling to other manufacturing firms.

Nvidia has lately been gradual forays in the autonomous car market. It is banking on the fact that some vehicle manufacturers might choose not to develop their own autonomous car technologies and instead use the tried and tested systems of Nvidia.

In Thursday’s trading, shares of Nvidia Corporation fell by 2.54 percent to close the day at $101.74 a piece.

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