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NWEA And Cambium Learning Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:ABCD) Learning A-Z Join Hands To Enhance Literacy Skills

Northwest Evaluation Association and Cambium Learning Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:ABCD) Learning A-Z have announced a partnership which will see reading resources correlated to growth assessments. Learning A-Z is a unit of the NASDAQ stock, Cambium Learning Group, and offers products focused on PreK-6 while Northwest Evaluation Association is a non-profit that provides educational services around the globe.

With the correlations, teachers will be able to find instructional resources that are most appropriate in addressing particular skills. Consequently, students will be able to benefit from instructional materials that are precisely suited to their needs and thus enable them to gain reading proficiency once they have mastered the particular literacy skills.

“These new correlations allow educators across the country using MAP growth assessments to better inform future instruction and provide a just-right reading experience for every student,” Learning A-Z’s co-founder and president, Bob Holl, said.

Better academic results

The chief executive officer of Northwest Evaluation Association, Matt Chapman, observed that when classroom instructed was informed by assessment, educators were better placed to tailor learning to the particular needs of students and thus helping them flourish in their academic life. He added that the partnership was a step in the right direction as it would assist educators in delivering a unique approach to instruction as it would be data-driven and seamless.

Teachers who are subscribed to the various services offered by Learning A-Z will have access to the correlation tools. They will thus be able to get a resource list for particular literacy skills by using the tools in the generation of PDFs.

Nine million students

Northwest Evaluation Association was founded close to four decades ago and has been offering solutions for assessment for just as long. Globally and in the United States, there are over 8,500 education agencies, school districts, and schools that rely on assessments provided by the organization, especially for pre K-12. This translates to students numbering more than nine million using the assessments. Learning A-Z, on the other hand, is primarily focused on being a technology provider for the PreK-6.

On Friday shares of Cambium Learning Group Inc rose by 2.56 percent. The NASDAQ stock closed at $4.80 a share.

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